Blynk connecting issue

Dear all

I have used arduino platform and nodemcu unit. I have uploaded the below code earlier its working well.
I have updated IDE Know all arduino option related to Nodemcu setting upgrated.

With this upgrade i could not able to establish connection between blynkserver and nodemcu.

code.c (15 KB)

Please follow the advice on posting code given in posting code

In particular note the advice to Auto format code in the IDE and to use code tags when posting code here as it prevents some combinations of characters in code being interpreted as HTML commands such as italics, bold or a smiley character, all of which render the code useless

since i cant post whole using code lines. since gives out error code exceeding limit. SO share the code in code.c

I am aware of forum rule. I have used auto formatting from arduino and try to post here.

There is no issue in code. Issue in setting .because updating IDE its working well. I could see more option while selecting generic esp3266 device.

error code exceeding limit.

So copy them to a text file and attach that

Pictures of errors are mostly useless

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