BME280 Sensor 100% humidity, -146*C and 17.3 PSI air pressure @ sea level


I am working on a DAQ that measures various temperature , humidity and scale values. I had the whole thing working on a breadboard and have since moved the wiring and components to a prototype PCB. The BME 280 is no longer reading properly, giving an output as follows:

Temperature: -146.91*C
Air pressure (hPa): 1197.35 hPA
Air Pressure (PSI): 17.37 PSI
Humidity: 100%

The Code for my DAQ is over 500 lines with all comments and functions so it will not fit on a post, but I think it is unlikely to be a software issue as the code worked when everything was pinned into a soldering board.

I have unsoldered the original BME280 sensor and replaced it with another, but still get the same output.

I am using a TSA9548 multiplexer to communicate to 2 pressure sensors and the BME is hooked up through this multiplexer.

The multiplexer address is 0x70, with 8 ports (0x70-0x77)
The BME is 0x76 and is hooked up to the 6th channel on the multiplexer (0x76)

I changed the multiplexer port the BME was connected to and got the same result.

Can anyone help me out? I’ve attached pictures of the soldering and connections, excuse some of the messy solders, I had to change to lead free solder part way through and it doesnt flow like the lead solder I was used to using.

Nvm fixed it