BME280 SPI problem

i have a project weeks overdue and really need help. i am using the for direction and an example script:

i need log output from 4 sensor. i am using the ICP header and have:


In the the example i have changed the lines:

bme1.parameter.communication = 0; //Hardware SPI for Sensor 1 (bme1)

Changed chip selects to:

bme1.parameter.SPI_cs = 4; //Chip Select Pin for Sensor 1
bme2.parameter.SPI_cs = 5; //Chip Select Pin for Sensor 2
bme3.parameter.SPI_cs = 6; //Chip Select Pin for Sensor 3
bme4.parameter.SPI_cs = 7; //Chip Select Pin for Sensor 4

Deleted all the software lines

There are a number of lines i don't understand so have left them alone

Can you see anything obvious i'm doing wrong.

Thanks in advance

bme1.parameter.communication = 0;                    //Hardware SPI for Sensor 1 (bme1)

According to the source code of the library this activates the I2C interface. To use the SPI hardware interface use this line:

bme1.parameter.communication = 2;                    //Hardware SPI for Sensor 1 (bme1)

If this doesn't work, post the complete code your testing with.

perfect thankyou. working now