BME680 original vs breakout board

I noticed I can either buy the BME680 in a pretty silver casing from an authorized supplier for 8 pounds, or an ugly board-only from ebay for 22 pounds. Where's the catch? Will the original one not work with arduino?

GBP 8 sounds very reasonable for this sensor.

I do assume you are talking about a sensor on breakout board, as I don't think you can handle the barebones sensor.

That's what I thought, it sells here for example:

Or would this be the barebones sensor?

I don't see a breakout board in either link - do you? Looks like just the sensor.

The PCB and other components needed for the breakout board shouldn't add more than 1-2 GBP to the price. In fact a quick search got me several sellers of breakout boards with prices of around GBP 6-12 each.

Ok, mystery solved. Can you explain to me what the breakout board does? And do you have a link on one of those?

EDIT: Nvm I got it. Thanks a lot, I would have bought the wrong stuff!