BME680 temperature response time


Looking at the spec sheet for the BME680 sensor (, I was unable to find the temperature sensor response time. It is there for all other measurements, but not for temperature.

How can I find the temperature response time? Have I missed or misunderstood something in the spec sheet?

Thank you for your help.

I can’t see it either .

How fast do you need it to be ? Can’t imagine it being slow ( > 10sec) As it’s a small sensor , but would have thought rapid temperature variations maybe well
Upset the other temp compensated sensor readings anyway .

It may not be stated as it’s likley to be very dependent on its mounting surface material

Well, response time is critical in my case. >1s would not do. I have bought a thermocouple to that effect, but it's not practical to carry around, so I was hoping to find a miniature sensor with a fast response time.

fast response time, less accurate

Since when is a thermocouple larger than a BME680?
Being tiny (and thus having a very fast response on temperature changes) is one of their key properties!