BMI160 Axies Orientation

Ok folks - does anyone know where the BMI160 chip is located - i can not seem to find it on the board.

Reason for asking is I need to know which way the x-axis and y-axes are oriented (can figure out the z from these two. The axes are usually marked on the board or i can figure it out from the datasheet and the chip orientation myself. I am adding a magnetometer to the mix and but you need to get the axes aligned or adjusted for the Madgwick algorithm to work correctly.

Thanks in advance.

The BMI160 is part of the Curie package (the big chip positioned just "under" the 101 logo).

+X is to the right side of the board if you hold the board with the text right side up (the triangles in the Bluetooth logo point that way)
+Y is towards the top of text (the little "tx" arrow on digital pin 1 points that way)
+Z is up out of the board

Thanks bxxd. Appreciate the response. Needed the confirmation.