BMP 388 not outputting correct measurements

Hi everyone, I'm currently using a BMP 388 with an Arduino Uno to measure altitude and temperature on a model rocket. When I start up the sensor initially, the measurements are relatively correct, well maybe the altitude is way too high. However, after a couple of seconds, the output becomes just random corrupted symbols that don't mean anything. I'm pretty sure the wiring is correct, and I'm using the example from the Adafruit Library. Can anybody help?? Thanks so much!

A few images of your project all wired up.

Code posted in code tags would be wonderful.

Which MCU are you using?

The altitude must be calibrated at each usage because it depends on the current weather condition (represented in the sketch by the constant SEALEVELPRESSURE_HPA).

The Adafruit example sketch uses 115200 baud, your screenshot shows 9600 baud. I'm surprised that you see any readable output.

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