BMP085 and DS3231

I am having a problem trying to get a BMP085 and a DS3231 running together. Right now, I am running the example code for the DS3231 from adafruit's page (here). I am using this BMP085. I will have the DC3231 connected to the Arduino Nano and spitting out the right outputs. I connect the BMP085 to ground and 3.3V power and everything runs great. When I connect it to the SDA and SCL pins though, it makes everything stop. Well the BMP085 is connected, it doesn't run at all even if I try re-uploading the script to the Arduino.

I am lost at what to do. they aren't the same sensor so the addresses shouldn't be the problem but I don't know what else it is. I have tested the BMP085 sensor and it works alone.

The problem is that the BMP085 is a 3V3 device while the DS3231 runs on 5V. Although you might get it running without it, the best solution is to use a level converter (bi-directional) between the BMP085 and the Arduino.

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Run the clock from 3V3

Thank you! It works now!