BMP085 pressure, HIH-6130 RH and adafruit RGBLCD shield

I am trying to combine code from John Lindblom’s BMP085 extended example, Peter Anderson’s HIH-6130 code and Adfafruit’s RGBLCD shield code. I have succeeded in getting output on both monitor and LCD with pressure and LCD and with RH and LCD separately but I cannot get output with all 3 together. The code verifies and loads - nothing is seen. I am new with Arduino. Can anyone advise please?

/* BMP085 Extended Example Code
  by: Jim Lindblom
  SparkFun Electronics
  date: 1/18/11
  license: CC BY-SA v3.0 -
  Get pressure and temperature from the BMP085 and calculate altitude.
  Serial.print it out at 9600 baud to serial monitor.

#include <Wire.h>
#include <Adafruit_MCP23017.h>
#include <Adafruit_RGBLCDShield.h>
Adafruit_RGBLCDShield lcd = Adafruit_RGBLCDShield();
// These #defines make it easy to set the backlight color
#define RED 0x1
#define YELLOW 0x3
#define GREEN 0x2
#define TEAL 0x6
#define BLUE 0x4
#define VIOLET 0x5
#define WHITE 0x7

#define BMP085_ADDRESS 0x77  // I2C address of BMP085

const unsigned char OSS = 1;  // Oversampling Setting

// Calibration values
int ac1;
int ac2; 
int ac3; 
unsigned int ac4;
unsigned int ac5;
unsigned int ac6;
int b1; 
int b2;
int mb;
int mc;
int md;

// b5 is calculated in bmp085GetTemperature(...), this variable is also used in bmp085GetPressure(...)
// so ...Temperature(...) must be called before ...Pressure(...).
long b5; 
short temperature;
long pressure;

byte fetch_humidity_temperature(unsigned int *p_Humidity, unsigned int *p_Temperature);

void setup()
 // set up the LCD's number of rows and columns: 
  lcd.begin(16, 2);
  Serial.println(">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>");  // just to be sure things are working

void loop()
// set the cursor to column 0, line 0
  // (note: line 1 is the second row, since counting begins with 0):
  lcd.setCursor(0, 0);
  temperature = bmp085GetTemperature(bmp085ReadUT());
  pressure = bmp085GetPressure(bmp085ReadUP());
   byte _status;
   unsigned int H_dat, T_dat;
   float RH, T_C;
  Serial.print("Temperature ");
  Serial.print(temperature, DEC);
  Serial.println(" *0.1 deg C");
  Serial.print("Pressure: ");
  Serial.print(pressure, DEC);
  Serial.println(" Pa");

  lcd.print("T ");
  lcd.print(temperature, DEC);
  //lcd.setCursor(0, 1);
  lcd.print("P ");
  lcd.print(pressure, DEC);

  // {
      _status = fetch_humidity_temperature(&H_dat, &T_dat);
      RH = (float) H_dat * 6.10e-3;
      T_C = (float) T_dat * 1.007e-2 - 40.0;
      Serial.print(RH, 1);
      Serial.print("  ");
      Serial.print(T_C, 2);
      lcd.setCursor(0, 1);
      lcd.print("RH ");
      lcd.print(RH, 1);
      lcd.print("T ");
      lcd.print(T_C, 2);

// Stores all of the bmp085's calibration values into global variables
// Calibration values are required to calculate temp and pressure
// This function should be called at the beginning of the program
void bmp085Calibration()
  ac1 = bmp085ReadInt(0xAA);
  ac2 = bmp085ReadInt(0xAC);
  ac3 = bmp085ReadInt(0xAE);
  ac4 = bmp085ReadInt(0xB0);
  ac5 = bmp085ReadInt(0xB2);
  ac6 = bmp085ReadInt(0xB4);
  b1 = bmp085ReadInt(0xB6);
  b2 = bmp085ReadInt(0xB8);
  mb = bmp085ReadInt(0xBA);
  mc = bmp085ReadInt(0xBC);
  md = bmp085ReadInt(0xBE);

// Calculate temperature given ut.
// Value returned will be in units of 0.1 deg C
short bmp085GetTemperature(unsigned int ut)
  long x1, x2;
  x1 = (((long)ut - (long)ac6)*(long)ac5) >> 15;
  x2 = ((long)mc << 11)/(x1 + md);
  b5 = x1 + x2;

  return ((b5 + 8)>>4);  

// Calculate pressure given up
// calibration values must be known
// b5 is also required so bmp085GetTemperature(...) must be called first.
// Value returned will be pressure in units of Pa.
long bmp085GetPressure(unsigned long up)
  long x1, x2, x3, b3, b6, p;
  unsigned long b4, b7;
  b6 = b5 - 4000;
  // Calculate B3
  x1 = (b2 * (b6 * b6)>>12)>>11;
  x2 = (ac2 * b6)>>11;
  x3 = x1 + x2;
  b3 = (((((long)ac1)*4 + x3)<<OSS) + 2)>>2;
  // Calculate B4
  x1 = (ac3 * b6)>>13;
  x2 = (b1 * ((b6 * b6)>>12))>>16;
  x3 = ((x1 + x2) + 2)>>2;
  b4 = (ac4 * (unsigned long)(x3 + 32768))>>15;
  b7 = ((unsigned long)(up - b3) * (50000>>OSS));
  if (b7 < 0x80000000)
    p = (b7<<1)/b4;
    p = (b7/b4)<<1;
  x1 = (p>>8) * (p>>8);
  x1 = (x1 * 3038)>>16;
  x2 = (-7357 * p)>>16;
  p += (x1 + x2 + 3791)>>4;
  return p;  
// Read 1 byte from the BMP085 at 'address'
char bmp085Read(unsigned char address)
  unsigned char data;
  Wire.requestFrom(BMP085_ADDRESS, 1);

// Read 2 bytes from the BMP085
// First byte will be from 'address'
// Second byte will be from 'address'+1
int bmp085ReadInt(unsigned char address)
  unsigned char msb, lsb;
  Wire.requestFrom(BMP085_ADDRESS, 2);
  msb =;
  lsb =;
  return (int) msb<<8 | lsb;

// Read the uncompensated temperature value
unsigned int bmp085ReadUT()
  unsigned int ut;
  // Write 0x2E into Register 0xF4
  // This requests a temperature reading
  // Wait at least 4.5ms
  // Read two bytes from registers 0xF6 and 0xF7
  ut = bmp085ReadInt(0xF6);
  return ut;

// Read the uncompensated pressure value
unsigned long bmp085ReadUP()
  unsigned char msb, lsb, xlsb;
  unsigned long up = 0;
  // Write 0x34+(OSS<<6) into register 0xF4
  // Request a pressure reading w/ oversampling setting
  Wire.write(0x34 + (OSS<<6));
  // Wait for conversion, delay time dependent on OSS
  delay(2 + (3<<OSS));
  // Read register 0xF6 (MSB), 0xF7 (LSB), and 0xF8 (XLSB)
  Wire.requestFrom(BMP085_ADDRESS, 3);
  // Wait for data to become available
  while(Wire.available() < 3)
  msb =;
  lsb =;
  xlsb =;  
  up = (((unsigned long) msb << 16) | ((unsigned long) lsb << 8) | (unsigned long)
  xlsb) >> (8-OSS);
  return up;

byte fetch_humidity_temperature(unsigned int *p_H_dat, unsigned int *p_T_dat)
      byte address, Hum_H, Hum_L, Temp_H, Temp_L, _status;
      unsigned int H_dat, T_dat;
      address = 0x27;;
      Wire.requestFrom((int)address, (int) 4);
      Hum_H =;
      Hum_L =;
      Temp_H =;
      Temp_L =;
      _status = (Hum_H >> 6) & 0x03;
      Hum_H = Hum_H & 0x3f;
      H_dat = (((unsigned int)Hum_H) << 8) | Hum_L;
      T_dat = (((unsigned int)Temp_H) << 8) | Temp_L;
      T_dat = T_dat / 4;
      *p_H_dat = H_dat;
      *p_T_dat = T_dat;

Details of the hardware please - the BMP085 is 3.3V (is it on a breakout board? Does the breakout board have a 3.3V regulator?). The HIH6130 can run at either 3.3 or 5.0V, so which is it? You are sharing the I2C bus between these devices so its important the voltages are all compatible. If the program hangs with no serial output it is probably stuck in bmp085 calibration waiting on Wire.available().

Thanks for your reply. I am using a 6-week old Arduino UNO. Both sensors are mounted on breakout boards and are being supplied 3.3V from the Arduino. I will try increasing the delays.

"Details of the hardware please" = link to the datasheets and schematic

Thanks again for your reply. Following your BMP085 suggestion, I checked the circuit and found a dodgy connection of SCL into the Proto-screwshield. I am now getting outputs on both monitor and LCD. I now just need to format them properly. :D - This is the source of connection and code for BMP085. My apologies for wasting time!