BMP085 wireless

Hi, everyone. Im trying to send data from an arduino UNO to other arduino uno using the nrf24l01. Im using a library for the bmp085 and a library for the nrf24l01. How can i read the altitude and send it wireless?

Are you getting valid data from the BMP? Can you send data between the Unos?

yes, i can get valid data from the bmp, and the unos are conected by the NRF, i can send strings of characters, but, i don know the command or the function to send the altitud read from one uno to the other.

The library that I use (from I2Cdev) has a getAltitude() function. The function returns a float that contains the altitude in cm. Convert the float to a string with dtostrf and send the string. you can look in the library header file (.h) to see what member functions are available.

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