BMP180 init fail

Hi there! I was working on weather sensing using ESP8266 Nodemcu, BMP180, DHT11, and Rain sensor and I am having issues during the execution of this project.

This is the link for the project code

and I am getting the following errors:

--------------- CUT HERE FOR EXCEPTION DECODER ---------------

Soft WDT reset


ctx: cont
sp: 3ffffdc0 end: 3fffffc0 offset: 01a0
3fffff60: 3fffdad0 00000000 3ffeea68 40201721
3fffff70: feefeffe feefeffe feefeffe feefeffe
3fffff80: feefeffe feefeffe feefeffe feefeffe
3fffff90: feefeffe feefeffe feefeffe 3ffeeaf4
3fffffa0: 3fffdad0 00000000 3ffeeae0 40207a9c
3fffffb0: feefeffe feefeffe 3ffe85e8 40100ee1

--------------- CUT HERE FOR EXCEPTION DECODER ---------------

ets Jan 8 2013,rst cause:2, boot mode:(3,6)

load 0x4010f000, len 3460, room 16
tail 4
chksum 0xcc
load 0x3fff20b8, len 40, room 4
tail 4
chksum 0xc9
csum 0xc9

BMP180 init fail

Please guide me through this as I am new to Arduino platform

You probably did something wrong when building the hardware. Do you use exactly the same hardware as the tutorial writer did?

Hi, @amoghmmh
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Can you please post your code.
Can you please post images of your project so we can see your component layout.

Have you got code just for the 8266 and the sensor, that is nothing else in the code?
You need to establish if it is hardware or software related and hardware is first cab off the rank.
The SFE library has a simple example to test your module.

Tom... :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

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