BMP180 too low Pressure

Hi. I have bought a BMP180 and i'm trying to test it. I use the example sketch for BMP180. The temperature looks ok but the pressure is really low.
The local station that is 100m away and have same altitude with me (500m) says 1023hPa but my barometer says 850hPa @ 13°C and 30hPa @2°C intead of 1020hPa. (pressure at see level).

I use ESP8266 nodemcu v1 to test this out. i don't think that this is the problem.

Is it broken? What can i do to check if values are true?

Which BMP180 board are you using? Is it designed for 5v, 3.3v or both?

i think is designed for both cause it has a regulator on board. model(GY-68,HW-596).
The temperature is good so it’s not the voltage the problem i think


Weather stations and airports report the sea level equivalent pressure, regardless of altitude.

You can calculate the equivalent sea level pressure for a reading at your altitude, by applying the standard atmosphere formula. See also Atmospheric pressure - Wikipedia

As i mention before i use pressure at see level and is 30hPa.instead of 1023hPa

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