BMP280 and 1602 display on same I2C bus


I'm trying to connect a BMP280 sensor and a 1602 display (both I2C) on a single Arduino uno R3 bus. I've checked the devices when only one is connected to the board and they are both working. However, when I connect them both the display is working but the sensor shows 0 on both values. I've checked the addresses of the devices and they are different. Can you please advise what should I do next? I've seen on some tutorials that I need to put some resistors on the circuit to work but I don't understand if this is applicable to my scenario and how I should calculate the value of the resistors.


Picture is worth a thousand words.

Each item works one at a time?

Yes, each device works one at a time. I'll try to make a picture and upload a bit later.

If you run the same program with only one module connected, and that module works then when you connect both one doesn't work, it is likely a wiring issue. (not necessarily your wiring, but could be on the module).

You were right. It was the wiring which was causing problems. :confused: Thank you so much for your help. One more question though...If I want to connect an RTC DS3231 module to the same I2C bus, will it work or this time I need to add something else to the circuit.

Thanks again and sorry to bother you with such noob questions.

Should work as long as the addresses are all different.