BMP280 & Low Latency Logger

I'm trying to build an altimeter for my model/high power rockets. I have BMP280 sensors wired and working well, and I was hoping to take a measurement and then write to SD at a rate of at least 10sps. However, due to slow SD cards etc... I can't achieve this kind of rate. Has anyone done any work using this type of sensor with the SdFat Low Latency Logger? I've been looking at the code for a bit now and I am way over my head trying to figure it out.


Search in the Storage subforum. There's lots of work that has been documented there to get high data rates into SD cards. 10 per second should be easy. The guys who put some real effort into it are getting tens of thousands of samples into their cards every second.

10 samples per second, that's maybe 100 bytes per second. That's nothing.
If your SD card can't handle that, there's something seriously wrong with either your SD card or your code.