BMP280 pressure sensor with Arduino Beetle

Hi there,
I am trying to use an arduino beetle with a bmp280 pressure sensor. I have connected the SDA and SCL pins and from 5v to a 3.3v regulator into the sensor.

When I use the bmp280 test script with the library, it cannot detect the sensor. I have used an i2c detector example sketch to try and find the address and change it in the .h file however it cannot detect it either. Does anyone have any idea as to why this might be happening. I can send pictures soon to show the situation.

Thanks in advance for help.

I miss the ground connection. Maybe you've done that, but that's the reason we always ask for a complete wiring diagram!

What pullups do you have? If you connected without pullups you might have fried the sensor (according to datasheet 5V on IO pins is too much).

What breakout board do you use (link to schematics)?

Hi Pylon, thank you for your help! Here is a picture of the wiring

Which regulator are you using? - I'd worry its got enough load capacitance.
The module seems to have 10k pullups installed at least which is a good sign.

Hi Mark. It is the AMS1117. I have just tested the board on my UNO and it works fine

This doesn't look like an original Bosch BMP280. The Beetle also looks like an ultra-cheap Chinese clone with bad soldering. Check if the SDA/SCL pins are correctly connected by a simple setup with two LEDs (D2 and D3).

I guess you used the same 4 wires to connect it, didn't you?

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