bmp280 rgb diode

For as i am a absolute zero in programming. I would like someone to help me out for a little project i have. Is it possible to read the data from the bmp280 and transfer it into a rgb diode read out? I have found programs that do that for temperature/humidity. But not for the barometer. Can i use a 12c led for this? It would me nice for me when i wake up, before i put my glasses on to see a led forecast. Hope that someone can help me out Thanks in advence Abeltje

Is it possible to read the data from the bmp280 and transfer it into a rgb diode read out?

No. you can't transfer data into a RGB diode.

(but you can turn the LED on using different colors though...)

Thank you But can you please tell me how i can do that? using a tricolor led whit one anode?

an RGB LED is just like 3 Leds. but sharing one PIN. if you have a common Anode, you connect the Anode to 5V, and then for each cathode you put a current limiting resistor (suitable for the color - 220Ω would be an OK start) and connect then to 3 digital PWM pins that will sink the current to GND to turn on the LED or set them HIGH and there won't be enough potential difference for the LED to turn on.

Creating a specific color is a matter of turning off or on the Red, Green, Blue LEDs to a certain perceived intensity to mix the colors.

once you got that, practice:

build the circuit with the LEDs, Resistor.

  • write a code turning on only RED or GREEN or BLUE full brightness.
  • write a code mixing some colors
  • play around until you understand how this works.

then put that aside and play with your bmp280 (there are examples in the libraries to read your BMP280 absolute barometric pressure)

  • write a code reading the bmp280 value and print it to the Serial console. understand how it works.
  • think how you could transform this value into a color (may be if less than x then should be green, between x and y should be blue and above y should be red)
  • modify the code to print the color to the serial console

Once you got that, merge both codes and voilà :)