BNO055 accelerometer calibration


How do you calibrate the BNO’s accelerometer? Currently I need several minutes to have it calibrated (value = 3) while the magnetometer and the gyrometer are quickly calibrated.

I do follow the user guide’s instruction:

  • Place the device in 6 different stable positions for a period of few seconds to allow the accelerometer to calibrate.
  • Make sure that there is slow movement between 2 stable positions.

However, how many seconds does “a few” mean? And what is a “slow” movement?

How much time do you need to calibrate it? Which gesture sequence do you follow for this purpose?

How long is "several minutes"? I agree that the process does seem slow.

My approach at the final project stage was to go through the calibration several times with a custom program. After each calibration, the program outputs the 11 registers that are affected. I averaged the results of several runs and then in the final product, bypass the process completely, storing the averaged values in the calibration registers.

Interesting method! Thanks jremington!