Board and Library Manager lockup

Sort of new to Arduino - I’ve done several projects with some success but certainly not an expert.
My latest problem is when I go to either the Library Manager or Board Manager Arduino freezes up - I can’t close or cancel anything. The only way out is through Task Manager - quit Java! I am using the 1.8.0 version but same thing was happening with the newest 1.8.8 and older versions. I have no idea what is going on so any help would be really appreciated. Thank you.

I am running on Windows 10.
The hangup happens right at “Downloading libraries index…Downloaded 0kb of 720kb” or “Downloading platforms index…”
At this point I can’t close or cancel the operation and the system is stuck.

Which operating system are you using?

Windows 10

Try running the file arduino_debug.exe from the command line to see if that will provide some output when the lock up happens. arduino_debug.exe is located in the Arduino IDE installation folder.

Both actions do require a reasonably stable internet connect. Preferably one that is you own and not a coffee shop etc. as those tend to have restrictions.

Even without an Internet connection, it should not lock up the IDE, but only fail the download with an error.

You are correct per.

However I did manage to stall the IDE (1.8.8 ) with AVG It did eventually respond but it seemed to take a long time.

Note I said "should not" instead of "will not". I don't doubt there are ways to lock up the IDE, I'm just saying we should consider that behavior to be a bug that needs to be identified and fixed.