Board cannot see any WiFi at all

I am getting rather frustrated with my MRK WiFi 1010 as i got it for a specific project and for WiFi.

The problem i have is that it just cannot detect any wifi regardless of it being open, WEP, WPA, WPA2 or WPA3i run the WiFiNINA example to ScanNetworks and every time it produces this result

14:00:19.827 -> Scanning available networks...
14:00:19.827 -> ** Scan Networks **
14:00:40.326 -> number of available networks:0
14:00:50.307 -> Scanning available networks...
14:00:50.307 -> ** Scan Networks **
14:00:50.307 -> Couldn't get a WiFi connection

This is rather odd as there is at least 9 WiFi networks around me, mine being on the less congested channels.

I have an Access Point that i can freely configure without disrupting the whole home network and have even set up a Raspberry Pi 4 as an Access Point all with the same results

so i decided to reverse the network and use the MKR WiFi 1010 as the access point and to no surprise i get the following

14:28:55.228 -> Access Point Web Server
14:28:55.974 -> Creating access point named: iot-test
14:28:56.066 -> Creating access point failed

I have tried all this on FW v1.2.4, 1.3.0 and 1.4.5 and the sketches i am running is all official examples. Also distance from the board to the access point is less than 1m

Have i got a defective board?

Welcome to the forum.

If the ScanNetworks examples does not work it is not a good sign.

I use the Nano 33 IoT which is the little variant of your board and the WiFi can go trough walls.

Sounds like it.

You could try a BLE example and see what happens then. It uses the same antenna and parts of the radio but another software stack. e.g.,

File -> Example -> ArduinoBLE -> Peripheral -> BatteryMonitor

You can use a generic BLE app on your smartphone to connect to the Arduino. I use BLE Scanner on iOS but there are many others on iOS and Android.

i figured out the issue, had the board plugged into a USB hub which was not providing enough power for the WiFi to turn on.

Works perfectly fine on battery using a 3.7v lipo and also when plugged directly to a USB port of my PC

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