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Hi., Re: Board_Detect
I have been attempting to run Nick Gammons Arduino-Sketches-Master series. I ran a number of Atmega328’s on my breadboard. All but one failed and all delivered a similar message as the one below. The successful chip later failed on a second or third run through Arduino_Board_Detect it then delivered the following textual answer which was derived from using a virgin ATMega328P-PU that on first pass was shown to be as manufactured It was supplied by RSComponents [No innuendo implied]:

Board detector
Atmega chip detector.
Written by Nick Gammon.
Version 1.17
Compiled on Nov 9 2015 at 09:06:08 with Arduino IDE 10605.
Attempting to enter ICSP programming mode …
Failed to enter programming mode. Double-check wiring!
Programming mode off.

I then attempted the signature program and all failed delivering up the following the following:
Signature detector.
Written by Nick Gammon.
Compiled on Nov 9 2015 at 08:58:40 with Arduino IDE 10605.
Signature = 1E 95 14
Low = FF High = DA Ext = FD Lock = CF

Unrecognised signature.

I have one further VIRGIN 328 but am reluctant to try it without knowing that I will not wreck it, all given that is the case with the other new and virgin but failed one

The wring was not changed either before or after receipt of the successfully detected chip.
The board that powered each experiment was the same one, namely and Arduino clone “Duemilanove Funduino”.

Can any one read the reason or corrective measure out of the explanations provided please.
I have searched in vain throughout all the relevant forums, apologies if I have missed some simple cure.

Chris Spreckley.

It looks to me like you bought ATmega328 instead of the ATmega328P, which is the standard in Arduinos. You can google ATmega328 vs ATmega328P to learn about the differences. I suggest use Nick's Atmega_Board_Programmer sketch on your Duemilanove Funduino to burn the Uno bootloader onto the chips, then use them with 16MHz crystals and they will be close enough to an Uno that I think you can program them with the IDE and an FTDI adapter. I don't have any direct experience with this particular situation, so other members of the forum may give more detailed info.

The "failed to enter programming mode" indicates a wiring problem.

Thanks for your info dmjlambert. I shall try out your advice. Please excuse my laziness in describing the chips which in fact were ATMega328P-PU Chips one of which was brand new Ex., RS Components chip. RS mentioned to show that they are very unlikely to be clones.
Thank you DrAZZY. I keep thinking this but I don't remember nor can I immediately see a wiring discrepancy. Also we have to remember that without any purposeful wiring alteration a "brand new" chip on its first run parsed Mr., Gammons Board Detector. However I will check the wiring and let you know the outcome.

Using an unused blank ATMega328P-PU I can program it easily using ICP., and control/shift/U but none of me remaining 328's will do so similarly. I have not attempted Mr., Gammons detector program on the newest chip. I have just ordered a further five 328's which I hope will not become bin fodder.

Can you give a link to what you are ordering?