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I am reading about the Arduino Duemilanove board and am totally sold on it. Seems to be exactly what I am looking for, for experimenting with robotics on a strictly Mac-based system. It looks to be pretty easy to use and I am digging the (seemingly) easy programming - from what I have read so far.

Is there someplace, a drawing, showing the physical dimensions of the board, including positions of mounting holes, etc.? I am drawing a lot of stuff in CAD and would like to see how/if the board might fit into one of the designs.

Thanks in advance.

I would put this the other way round: there are so many clones that are smaller, the first question is: what are the rough dimensions you want to have?

You could look here:

For each of the boards, there are links to the Eagle files. Using the Eagle software, you can analyze the dimensions of the board, and the location of all the holes.

To: Udo Klein

I appreciate the response but, I did SPECIFICALLY state that I was going to be using the Arduino Duemilanove board and I said NOTHING about a clone, so I don't understand the relevance of your response.

To: PaulS

Thank you, I will check it out.

well if a Duemilanove doesnt fit, now you know there are clones that are smaller, no need for a tude

I posted some measurements/coordinates derived from the latest "reference" CAD files here:

(actually, I don't see a big reason to not duplicate the info here, so...)

Can someone point me to documentation that gives me the physical dimensions and locations of connectors, holes etc?

Welcome to "open source", where you're expected to look at the source code (EAGLE CAD files in this case) rather than rely on secondary generated documentation like dimensioned drawings. Hmm.

My concern is highlighted in particluar regarding the pin 7 8 spacing. I have downloaded Ladyada's Protoshield and found this dimension to be 155mil rather than 160mil.

Using the duemilanove reference design, I get a 2100x2700 mil bounding box with holes at (600, 2000), (2600, 1400), and (2600, 300), and the connectors at (1290, 2000), (2150, 2000), (2250, 100), and (1550, 100) (ISP connector at "about" (2555.5, 1098); ouch!) Note that the holes of the shield connector pads are 40mils diameter, so it's pretty likely that one could place connectors 5mils in error and no one would notice without referring to the CAD files!)

@ Osgeld: Sorry for the 'tude', I was simply asking a question and got an answer that had nothing to do with the question - like the time I posted a simple question in another forum, about looking for a particular RAM chip, and got one response that was more of a college thesis on the history and development of RAM. NOTHING to do with the question.

Again, apologies for the 'tude', but when I am asking a question, I am simply looking for an answer. If the answer is unknown, then why respond?

I found the info I was looking for from the Eagle files, thank you PaulS.

Yes, you specifically stated the Duemilanove Board. However you did not state that you are aware that you explicitly do not want to look for possibly better alternatives.

The point is that a some of the clones deliver more bang for the buck or may have other desirable features, like less size, more computational power, more IO, better IO protection, less weight to name some of the possible differences.

My point was to give a hint that you might be better off with a different board. Especially if you are into robotics it might be reasonable to go for more IO. If you figure this out later in your design phase, then you may have to redo a lot of your work.

I am doing a comparatively simple project and are already pushing the limits of my current board (Sanguion compatible). So maybe you might want to consider the mega or some of the mega clones.

But yes: this does not answer your original question.

when I am asking a question, I am simply looking for an answer.

The nature of a user forum, in contrast with a company customer-service site, favors responses which: - answer the question the user should have asked, but didn't (I'm not saying this is the case here, but it's very common for people to ask questions badly. (although I do assume you wanted more than a yes/no answer, right?))

  • answer similar questions that other readers ("lurkers") may have along similar lines, should they be browsing or searching the topic.