Board Dimensions

I write as a novice to this community and seek guidance. The arduino board is something I would want as an element of a prototype. Dimensions are an issue and so I would inquire if there is a way to contact Arduino directly.

The issue is miniaturization. How can one inquire if dimensions can be reduced on special order. Much thanks in advance for an informed opinion

They make small arduinos. Have a look at the hardware pages of this site, like the one for the arduino mini:

As you can see from that page, that arduino’s dimensions are 0.73" x 1.70"

The Arduino board is an interface that includes some USB and Serial communication hardware and an oscillator; Basically just a way to easily talk to the main chip, the ATMega328, which is programmed with the Arduino bootloader.

You can get ATMega328 chips with the Arduino bootloader preloaded:

plus a 16Mhz crystal or resonator:

and you'll have a fully functioning "Arduino". If you need to program it, just plug the chip back into an Arduino duemillinove board and upload the code. Here is the diagram for where you would connect your wires:

I hope this helps :) -Austin

Out of curiosity... why aren't the dimensions listed in metric?... :-?