Board dimensions

Hello everyone. I am interested in laying out the Arduino-USB board in an enclosure. Does anyone know off hand what the separation distances are for the mounting holes?



There are 3 holes (2 large and 1 small) in a strange triangular pattern. I grapped my calipers, but they didn't work too well. You could load the layout into Eagle CAD from or hope that someone else can.

Ok, I have triumphed over laziness and measued the holes myself. For the record, if one orients the board such that the USB connector is in the upper left and the components are facing up, the dimensions are as follows. (Note: I define the origin as the lower left corner. All measurements are good to +/- 0.5 mm - I'm using a tape measure.)

Hole 1: Diam. 1/8" (3mm) X: 5/8" (~15.5 mm) Y: 2" (51mm) Hole 2: Diam. 1/8" (3mm) X: 2 5/8" (66mm) Y: 1 3/8" (36mm) Hole 3: Diam. 1/8" (3mm) X: 2 5/8" (66mm) Y: 5/16" (8mm)

I will try to mock-up a Sketch-up of the board today. If anyone is interested, please email me. S