Board for Grove Thermal Camera MLX90641

I need guidance on what Arduino board I can use to collect data from a Grove MLX90641 thermal camera board.

This is what Seeed says about the requirements:

This module can be connected to an MCU using the I2C interface. However, it needs an MCU that has over 20000 bytes of RAM to drive the camera. As a matter of fact, Dev boards like Arduino UNO cannot be used with this Sensor camera due to its lower ability of calculation.

Source: Grove - Thermal Imaging Camera - MLX90641 16x12 IR Array with 110° FOV - Seed Studio - Seeed Studio

In a perfect project, I would be able to stream the image data to a remote data logger via WiFi. But, I would be perfectly happy to have the data written to an SD card with real-time timestamps.

Is there an Arduino board that has or can be expanded to use > 20000 bytes of RAM that has an SD card and a real time clock or Wi-Fi capabilities?

FYI: Seeed recommends their Arch Mix board for this thermal camera. I have that board and it has some issues that have me roadblocked. I can see data from the camera through the serial port. But the onboard SD card and real time clock does not work with the Arduino Arch Mix bootloader. Seeed's product support is less than good.

The Teensy 3.2 has plenty of RAM and speed for such applications, and although it is not Arduino, it is programmed with the Arduino IDE and very well supported.

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Thank you, I had briefly looked at the Teensy while searching for solutions. I will investigate that further.

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