Board management


There is no option to work with another type of board like esp8266. IN arduino IDE there is an option to select those type option called Board management and you can download eny other type board.

I want to Program my esp8266 controller with arduino create platform .


At the moment only official Arduino boards are available through create.

We're going to be adding other boards in the next few months



Still there is no option to work with another type of board like esp8266. I only want to update my internet device internal code through internet.

no option for ethernet shild we can also use cloud with ethernet . how to use?


I have a Mega with Atmega1280 and a whole bunch of Duemilanove Atmega328 and Atmega168.

Shame I can not test on these boards at the moment.

Y'all might want to try CODEBENDER. It does things similar to Arduino Create but has a paid option for Private Sketches ($2/month/sketch).

Codebender has been around for awhile; it does the same thing Arduino Create does, i.e., a web-based editor and loader after downloading drivers.

Codebender site

I intend to migrate to Arduino Create 'cuz it is open source and free (at least so far) and allows for private sketches. I don't object to for-pay stuff but $2/sketch for "private" sketches seems a little steep for me given the number of sketches I have in my development library.

Charlie in Houston (aka CyberchuckTX)

Hi @cyberchucktx all the repositories inside Arduino Create are not private, they are public as soon as someone obtains the link even if they are not searchable yet.

We will move to private sketches and pro plans later this year.

@Manuel you can now use your Duemilanove Atmega328, as you connect your board you will see in the dropdown 'Board', open the dropdown click on Select other board and port' select the Duemilanove and the port and you will be ready to go.