Board manager failed to load any board, all have CRC check failed


I have a fully working IDE on my MacBook Pro, but recently three different NodeMCU 0.9 boards all caused my MacBook to crash within seconds of being plugged into the USB port. This made me nervous so I dug out an old netbook (WindowsXP) to try to use as a programmer.

First thing I did was blow away XP and replace it with LTS version of 32 bit Ubuntu. ...

Then downloaded and installed Arduino IDE v. 1.6.12 - Then proceeded to try to use the board manager to install the ESP8266 board set. It failed with CRC Check.

I did some research, found the staging folder and removed all content tried again, saw the fresh download, it still failed.

I tried other versions of the same board, failed.
I tried other boards, including other official Arduino provided board sets, failed. - All with the same CRC check failed response.

I pulled over the Libraries content from my MacBook Pro over to the Ubuntu setup, the boards and Libraries appeared installed and available, but then on complication I started to get other errors.

I decided I would be best to clean out the installation and try again, so I tried to use apt-get install arduino - which worked but installed a second version of the IDE which I hardly recognised, it had very different version numbering, nothing close to 1.6.12 - No board manager etc; no place to add additional boards in Preferences.

I felt nervous about having two IDEs, so uninstalled the second of these.

Then thinking that perhaps I had installed it poorly (it was downloaded and then installed using the script file), I thought perhaps I ought to use the ubuntu software manager. - It showed two versions of Arduino IDE, and neither of them were removed when I opted to try to remove them.

I can't use the ubuntu software manager to re-install them while they're showing as installed.

This feels like such an inexplicable mess to me and it's super disappointing to have lost quite so much time just chasing my tail without a clear idea of what to try.

Does anyone have any useful suggestions? - Thanks.


Always found that an "unzipped version" of IDE 1.6.5 r5 worked better for ESP's but talking from a windows standpoint here.

There's an issue with Sierra and the old CH340G drivers - the old ones cause a crash now (gotta love the close attention apple pays to providing a good user experience surrounding upgrades, eh?) There are new drivers now.

I would venture a guess that something may be interfering with your netbook's ability to fetch the board definitions or board packages... is it's internet access unimpeded and all?

Thank you for your input. Subsequently I had the same issue with a cheap Nano board.

DrAzzy hit it on the head. It was Sierra OS X and the CH340 drivers. Once removed and updated it's worked fine.

Thank you.