Board Manger-Intel Curie by Intel download problem


I start using Curie board and I am not able to install the board file (Intel Curie Boards by Intel) it start downloading then it says CRC doesnt match. File is corrupted. any help is appreciated.


Well I just did the install without getting that error. Once you have a corrupted file downloaded by Boards Manager you need to remove it for it to try to download it again. To do this you need to:

  • Click: File > Preferences > More preferences can be edited directly in the file - this will open the Arduino15 folder
  • open the folder Arduino15/staging/packages
  • Delete the files,, and If you are not using Windows then the file names will be a bit different.
  • Click the Intel Curie Boards Install button again.

Let me know if it works or if you have any trouble with those instructions.