Board reseting in the middle of a program.

Hello, i'm working on a program and it runs fine except that when it reaches a point in the program the board resets. I don't know why but when that happens the code just restarts from the beginning and ignores the rest until it gets to the same part where it resets and so on, this dosen't happen for every program i write just some of them. This is really getting me down, thanks in advance :drooling_face:

It would help to know what the program is doing. Post it, then indicate where you think it's failing.

This sort of behavior is normally an "out of RAM" type problem which in turn is normally caused by having too many strings.

As KirAsh4 says, post the code.


Most likely, you have either ran out of RAM (too many strings) or you are accessing invalid elements of an array.

It's pretty tough to tell based on the code you posted.