Board serial issue ?!?

Hi guys,

Since this morning, I experience a problem with my arduino Uno v3 board. I am unable to display something on serial line (ie by using serial.print). Serial communication with develloped "programs" seems to be unusable.

In the meantime, I am able to upload a sketch to the ATmega chip ; I upload basic sketch "blinlink LED" and led 13 is... Blinking.

So, I read in forum and on some website that is could be a firmware issue. What happen to my board it happen suddently while an old program was running on it. Not on sketch upload.

I try to follow this walthtrough : Resetting your Uno R3's default firmware · leocadiotine/Dvorany Wiki · GitHub
But it do not work, iI use ubuntu x64 16.04 as my OS.

Do you have any advice ?
Do I have to buy a new one ?


If upload works then Serial is OK. Have you checked that the baud rate in the Serial Monitor is set to the correct value? i.e. matches the Serial.begin() value from your sketch.


Baud rate was ok,

I finally google a lot and found this :

I use a windows computer to achieve this note and now (from windows) serial communication is OK.

I'll will try on linux but I think it will works !

hope this will help someone !

Edit note : while flashing atmega16u2 i get this error :“Address is out of range” I solved it whith uploading this file : Other files can be found localy here : C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\arduino\avr\firmwares\atmegaxxu2