Board Setting changes when working with multiple devices/windows.

It was hard to think of a brief, descriptive title for this problem.

First, I’m using Arduino IDE V1.6.5

I’m currently working with two sketches that will interact via IR communications, one for the ATtiny85 and the other for a UNO, and so I have both open in IDE windows at the same time so I can make corresponding changes as I go.

I’ve struck an annoying little problem - if I set the board in the UNO sketch window to “UNO”, the board setting in the ATtiny sketch window also automatically changes to “UNO”, and vice versa.

While making minor changes to both and verifying or uploading, I found I have to change the board setting correctly for each in the IDE over and over (and over).

Is there any chance of having this behaviour modified in future versions?

It’s not a serious problem, but it is a little annoying.

And if anyone knows if this has already been addressed in V1.6.6, please let me know and I’ll upgrade immediately. :slight_smile:

Edit: I just did a bit more testing, and discovered that this problem only occurs when the sketches are opened using the IDE’s “File” menu, either through “Sketchbook”, “Open” or “Open Recent”.
If I manually browse to the projects from Windows and click directly on each of the the sketch *.ino files, this behaviour doesn’t occur at all. Odd, but at least it’s a workaround.