Board signature “ignore”

If/when I get the error relating to incorrect board signiature or with other errors the option to press “-F” ( or similar) to ignore is given . I guess this is an AVRdude instruction.

Is there a way to ignore such errors and continue from within the Arduino IDE ??


You could edit platform.txt.

However, the solution to a signature verification error is almost never to ignore it. The solution is to fix the problem that's causing the verification to fail.

In some extremely rare cases you might have an otherwise working microcontroller with corrupted signature bits. That is the only circumstance where it's reasonable to use -F.

Indeed - that is an example of a very bad error message, in that it leads novice users down the wrong path to resolve the problem. Invalid signature is almost always fuses set to a clock source that isn't there, or wiring issue.

Appreciate the replies ...My example would be when I have a processor that doesn’t have a signature in the configuration , but I still want to program it , risking life an limb, throwing caution to wind ,but I want to go for it !!! (it might be a slight variant which is other wise identical - had this with a 1284 that was a “p” and not a “pu”- in this circumstance changing boards.txt is a pain) So.... can it be done from within the IDE?

hammy: So.... can it be done from within the IDE?

Only if you edit platform.txt. There is no way to specify the -F only working inside the IDE's GUI.

Ok thx Pert

Take a look at the cores from MCUdude. They usually offer support for the processor variants (328/328p/328pb, for example).

Learn how to use avrdude from the command line, you can do what you want.

I’ll look at that , thx .

A quick look says it doesn’t support the 1284* processor I’m using - hey ho! ( I’m using Mightlycore(?)) I have a GUI version of AVRdude , need to look at bit more closely at that stuff , something I’ve largely managed to ignore so far . I’ll look out some tutorials .

  • I wanted a more powerful processor that I could get as a dil package, ( not done any surface mount yet, but I’m building an oven ) and now have built some “play”’boards for it

MightyCore works with any type of ATmega1284. You just need to pick the appropriate selection from the Tools > Variant menu.