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I've planned to do a line following robot .can I use arduino UNO board ? Suggest me suitable board and other requirements. Thank you


krish1994: i've planned to do a line following robot .can I use arduino UNO board ?


I’m trying to build a line follower robot without kits,other than a micro-controller board(I have to use spare parts for other accessories like motors from toys etc).can anyone please help me in clearing my every questions(step by step questions) and anyone interested ,discuss with me.And anyone build this before , contact my fb at :slight_smile:

  1. What board ,sensor , motor should i select? ( it should be cost effective and suitable for “line follower”.the aim of robot for my purpose is its should navigate as fast as possible.board should operate the motor with max rpm simultaneously it should process the response from sensor on black line .also suggest me what kind of dc motor,sensor should I select for my purpose.)
    any one know ,reply this. then only i’ll be able to prepare for my next qn

or send a good complete project guide book in pdf if you have.
thank you.

It sounds like you have a school assignment you need to solve.

Do you seriously expect that we (the Arduino forum) will solve the task for you ?

// Per.