Board that can act both as a host and client for a HID-USB Keyboard/Mouse

Trying to build an arduino-based Mouse/Keyboard enhancer. This will let me do things like press certain keyboard or mouse shortcuts on the input side, then do something custom on the output side. For instance, this would let me add keyboard shortcuts at the hardware level instead of having to do them at the OS level.

As such, I'm looking for a board which can act both as a USB host (i.e. it can have a keyboard and mouse plugged into it) as well as one that can show up as a USB HID device to the computer it's plugged into.

The boards that I'm aware of which have something close to this are the Leonardo and chip-similar, which work to emulate a keyboard/mouse to the computer they're attached to, but which don't let you connect a keyboard/mouse to them.

So is there such a board?

I don't know of a single board that will do this but might be worth connecting something like this USB host module connected to a Leonardo. You might need two if your connecting both a mouse and keyboard or maybe a small USB Hub like this where you connect the mouse and the output of the Leonardo to and use a single USB host board.