Board to Board communicate possible?

I see there have a RobotDyn Atmega2560+Wifi board.

Can both two of the Atmega2560+wifi to communicate without the router (use static IP)?

What I am looking for is I can push buttons input on Board ‘A’ to send via the wifi to Board ‘B’ to output led lights.

see the attached picture.

Yes, it is possible. You can set one 2560+wifi as AP mode, and the other as STA mode.

The STA 2560 then connects to the AP 2560 via wifi, and you can exchange command from there.

It's a lot more complicated than it looks like, but it is completely doable.

Thanks! :slight_smile: I will try that. I am trying to make MasterAlarm for Deaf people like the clock alarm or doorbell or fire alarm etc to send to others flashing the lamp and vibrate the bed.

for example here: LINK
But they are scraps :o and it does not exactly what I wanted. >:( I want my own make ones. :sunglasses:

Of course, I am Deaf. :slight_smile:

Using WiFi for an alarm isn't very secure. It's very easy to make WiFi unusable (a simple ESP8266 with some code and no WiFi connection will work anymore). So if you use WiFi to connect the two you must not send the alarm signal but send a "everything OK" signal and alarm if the signal is not sent for some time.

Ah! Thanks for your tips!

Is ethernet better?

Is ethernet better?

Sure, it's much harder to interfere as it uses wires.

And you could do it cheaper and just as well with serial and two wires.

Okay, Thanks! will try it to see what's happen and will keep post.

You might need