board unknown and relay not working

Hi i am new to arduino, so please be gentle, and not a programmer at all. I wanted to create light show for my kids and its not working. i set everything up right and yesterday i was able to get the realys to turn on, but now they are not working at all. Please help me troubleshoot this. my board says unknown device, but i picked arduino mega 2560 and when i uploaded the program the lights turned on the board, so i think that is write. but know the lights are not working and i am usng vixen to run the lights. please help me, it almost Christmas an still no luck. thank you

You have provided no useful information that we can use to help you. Read the how to use this forum sticky for some hints on what we need to be able to help you and how to properly post code and error messages. See #11 & 7, especially.

What is not mentioned in there (as far as I can see) is a wiring diagram how you connected everything. Draw it on paper and make a scan or photo.

Where does it say "unknown device"?