Board with 8 DAC's


I am new to Arduino... but I've been doing a lot of reading to see if some sort of MCU board has the capabilities I need. I need 2 MCU's: one that has 8 analog inputs (ADC's) of 10-bit resolution or higher (12 bit preferred) that are polled frequently (50+ times per second) and the values are transmitted over RS-232 to another MCU which has access to 8 10-bit or higher DAC's. The board constantly updates the DAC's with the new values as they are received.

I haven't found much hardware with DAC's at all, but I did read about some Xmega chips that contain 4 10-bit DAC's on them, and articles mentioning I/O expanding products that might be able to add DAC's over an SPI bus... but none of it has been very clear to me. If anyone has a suggestion as to what hardware could do this I would really appreciate it. The Analog output signals could either be 0-5v or +/-10v.

The application is pretty simple... I have several input devices for some robotics equipment that use analog signals. I would like to locate these devices remotely from the equipment and transmit the signals wirelessly over one communications channel, probably a wireless rs-232 converter.

Thanks for any help.


Hi Aaron,

Sounds workable. Data rate of something like 2x8x8x50=6400 bytes/second x 10 = 64,000 baud rate. maybe need rs485 depending on distance. May need Uart with FiFo working??

Look at BU2505FV for example.

Do some searching at (sign up, free).. search "description" "10 bit dac". etc...

Terry, could you explain your arithmetic there, please? I get 50 (readings) * 16 bits * 8 (devices) = 6400 bits per second. Even with start/stop bits, I get only 8000 bits per second.

Me?? Math????

Hmm, OK let's try that problem again, slowly.

50 readings /s * 2 bytes per reading * 8 devices = 800 bytes / s .

Like You said, about 8000 bits/s second with 1 start, 1 stop, no parity.

Sorry.. ! Bits, Bytes, Whatever :D

An UNO has only 6 ADC channels that are multiplexed by just 1 ADC, so maybe you should use a Mega it has 16 DC channels. but I think they are multiplexed too (don't own a mega).

Have you checked - - yet for ADC/DAC shields?

Try They have octal serial interface DACs. Easy to use. Mount one on a generic shield board to go out to your devices.