Board with Mega/Atmega2560 and W5100 Ethernet

I'm searching boards with an Atmega2560 and integrated W5100 Ethertnet, which should be compatible to Mega+Ethernet shield. I just would like to get rid of stacking the ethernet shield. So far I only found the Iboard Pro but the reviews are not so good at all. no USB

If you had any hints where to get well working boards, ...

Not really what you're asking, but you can buy W5100 modules to wire to a standard Mega.

I have already some Megas+Shield working but I would like to have one board with less possibilities of bad connections.

Or at least a MEGA without soldered sockets to be able to solder the shields directly to the MEGA.

found another option:

does anyone have experience with that board?

Freetronics has a pretty good reputation...

I bought two of them, one is working in a home automation system 24 hours a day for 4 years now, never had any problem ! Thumbs up for freetronics!

found another one and wanted to keep this thread updated: Unfortunatly the price ...