Board won't reset on computer reboot

Hello, I’ve been using the mkrgsm1400 with a lot of pain for the last two weeks. Essentially, it crashes Max when used overtime. I've tried to have the computer restart every day but, unfortunately, the 1400 won't reset with the computer like the Arduino Uno that we are also using does. I guess it is because the battery keeps it from reseting? The only way I have found to reset is to disconnect the battery, then disconnect the usb cable and reconnect both. This is not acceptable in the case of this installation since it should be standalone. Is there a piece of code that needs to be added so the 1400 knows to reset when the usb connection is back?

I'm using the Receive SMS sketch as is:

On a mac



Hello Zedrich,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Arduino community.

Please check this link:

I hope this is useful!