Boards Sizes

Hey there I thought that it could be useful to have a picture or diagram to be able to compare every Arduino variant size, from the smallest freeform soldering one to the largest PCB possible for an Arduino compatible board. If you're interested, just send me pictures of your boards with a scale, so that I can put up a page on the Playground

Thanks ^^


Hi - yes, I'm trying to find the dimensions of the Bluetooth Arduino board before I buy one - if anyone has these that'd be most helpful.

I've seen the sketch-up models for the Diecimila:

Many Thanks, Dave

Like Diecimila (,
BT board has 53.3mm. x 68.6mm.

That’s what eagle file says:

There is an index of all the different Arduino boards. Adding sizes to that sounds like a good idea. I'll try to copy over the information you collect on the playground.

One of those photos with a ruler and all the different styles together would look cool. ;)