boards.txt and timers

Does the Arduino libraries take boards.txt into account when setting up timers for delay(), millis(), etc?

If I put together a 10MHz ATmega168 board and create a corresponding boards.txt entry, will the timing be correct?

I need to interface to some 3V peripherals, and at this point sacrificing the clock speed and dropping the whole system down to 3V (using the L model processor, of course) may be the easiest way to do it, assuming it doesn't cost me too much work on the software side.

thanks, -j

There’s some information here:

Basically, delay() and millis() should work, but delayMicroseconds() will be off. If the clock is too far from 16 MHz, analogRead() might not work (since the prescale will be wrong). The PWM frequency will be different, and there might be a few other things. Serial communication should work fine.