Boards.txt overflow

It has finally happened. I have too many Arduino compatible boards. Why doesn’t the IDE take the number of boards into account? When I go to the menu to select the board I’m going to program the newest ones that I’ve added are below the bottom edge of the screen.

To select the board I’m programming, I have to:

  • Open the “boards.txt” file.
  • Find the board I am programming.
  • Manually count it’s place in line.
  • THEN I have to go back to the IDE
  • Press the down arrow until I’m pretty sure it is on the right board.
  • Press and hope the board that shows in the bottom right corner is the correct one.

WHAT A PAIN! I hope the next version has a scroll bar if all the boards don’t fit on the screen at once.
Is there a workaround besides creating two separate files and figuring out which one needs to be loaded on starup?

Buy a larger screen ? Did you try verion 1.5.2 ? It has a seperate menu for the microcontroller type. So the boards menu use less space.