boarduino communication with laptop

I am trying to make 328 boarduino. I have uploaded the bootloader using gammon's tutorial. Now i want to upload code into it and communicate with computer.
For communication between laptop and boarduino i have taken out micro from UNO board and connected RX, TX, GND and 5V to my boarduino. The reason am doing so is that i want to make a small board and just communicate with computer while testing.
I do not have FTDI cable with me, so i am using a UNO board's 16u2 for communication. But my arduino IDE is not recognizing my boarduino and gives a " avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 " error on uploading.
Any leads on this, where i am going wrong.
My boarduino is having just power supply and a 16mhz crystal .

Did you try swapping Rx & Tx?

yes i did but it dint work. :frowning: I tried using Xbee USB adapter also, connecting RX, TX, Reset, gnd, and 5V but no success.