Bolutek cc41 help

Hi guys,
Ive got the cc41 bolutek BLE modules and i am trying to connect two UNOs together using them.
Ive got them conected using software serial and I have one set as master (Role1) and the other set as a slave (Role0).

Im trying to get the master to connect to the slave so I query the slaves address and then see if I can see it on my master which I can, I can see the slaves MAC address.
I use AT+HELP and I see that I can use AT+CONN to conenct to the slave using it address, but no matter what I do I get an ERROR+103 when trying to connect to the slave.

I have the arduino console with NL+CR so thats ok, I just dont get it as all the guides online specify the method i use,
I have also reset and renewed and defaulted both devices a few times but get nowhere ad there is little documentation on the devices.

I was wondering if anyone else managed to get their HM-10 Bolutek clones to work?