Bond Braclet

Make a bond type bracelet so I assume I will need to send and receive notifications through the bracelet to my phone but I can't find any websites or forums on ios as that's the phone I will be using. Any help is apricated even if it is just a website or library link.

It is possible via Bluetooth maybe there is also something else that I do not know of. Look for bluetooth projects that connect to your phone. Since we do not have this information we cannot be much more detailed.

This would be in my too hard box . You need to be very experienced to think about tackling this one .

You may need to develop your own app for an iOS device - you can google that , it’s more complex than for Android .
Power supply, size and packaging are also major issues for anything you want to wear on your wrist. A James Bond suitcase might be more like it .

Break the project down and look at what you’d need for each part to assess whether you want to try it

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