Boodloader + Code upload via ICSP?

Is it possible to upload the code from an arduino sketch at the same time as the bootloader or via the ICSP?

I am designing a circuit using an ATmega328 with the TQFP (SMT) chipset, and I'd rather like to avoid having an ICSP AND FTDI or USB interface as compactness is key for this little PCB..... but I like using the arduino IDE (ok IDE via Visuino...) to do my programming.


(I was going to add an FTDI header following this arrangement: Burn Bootloader ATmega328p AU on SMD chip )

never mind… answered my own question… youtube… :smiley:

(read the manual haha)

I'm looking into the same thing, to use a atmega328p-au chip on a pcb, rather than the current pro mini board. I also found the elctronoobs website and thought I'd go down that route.

Did you manage to get it to work? I'm thinking of building a breadboard friendly TQFP to dip board, in order to play around.

Just connect the new atmega328 via an ICSP header and you can programme it directly using the arduino IDE and a second arduino board which is setup as an ICP.