Book Report:

There Are No Electrons by Kenn Amdahl

Upon first seeing the title of this book, I thought it might be about Dirac's hypotheses. But no it wasn't. It is a novel and entertaining book that presents basic electronics using an anthropomorphic setting for electron behavior in circuits. I especially like that it does not rely on the tired and flawed 'water analogy'. If you have ever been a hormone-influenced teenage boy, then this book will make perfect sense! (Those who were previously teenage girls will also get a chuckle out of it, but they are laughing at us.)

The book has uniform good reviews on all the normal review sites. I find it interesting that a lone Sparkfun customer found it to be the worst book (about electronics) ever - a humorless and frustrated teacher who was probably required to use the book against their will.

I'd use it in a non-traditional setting. One where the student may not be an algebraic thinker. This book uses relationships and physical barriers to represent electronic concepts. And it does so is an almost coherent story that keeps the student (who otherwise would be wandering away) engaged. It's good for someone who will skip all the foundations to go right for the multi-component Arduino project.