Books on microcontrollers

If I were to take a college course on utilizing AVR and PIC microcontrollers, what textbook would I use?

Hi, This is likely to be decided by the Professor teaching the course, if you go to a Bricks and Mortar school. This is reasonable, because the Prof has to know (should know!) the book very well, and that takes a lot of Prof Homework. Did that. Long ago.

If someone listening here is currently taking or recently took a course like this, what Textbook did you use?

I'll dig into my library for a suggestion, but basically you are looking at studying at least one Microcontroller down to the detailed register level, and then up to established libraries and programming for higher level functionality like network interfacing. You say both ATMEL and PIC (Which I agree is a good choice if you have to make one). I have not seen a textbook that specifically covers those two, and not TI etc.. Anyone?

I'll try to drop back with a specific suggestion(s) but it will be a little behind the times in this fast-moving subject. Like me.