Boolading an Amega88V

I´m having PROBLEMs botloading an Atmega88V. Everything seems to be OK: My chip is new... My breadboard is new... My parallel port connector correct... Yet I get an error message: avrdude: AVR Part "atmega88V" not found. I didn´t want to go into details becuse" the less you s more I understand" so I prefer to ask questions, one by one. Here´s a very simple one, which I guess could be answered by a YES or NO: If I go to My PC>System info>HardwareDevice Administrato>Printer Port LPT1> Does "device functions correctly" guarantee that my parallel port is OK? If the answer is NO, I know that I´ll have to get some device, like a paralle printer, and test it.Thanks, Alberto.

I get an error message: avrdude: AVR Part "atmega88V" not found.

I believe that this means that your version of the avrdude doesn't contain information about the atmega88v chip, rather than being an indication of any hardware problem. Try omitting the "V" (V version should be identical for purposes of programming.)

Excuse me, westfw. I spent all day trying to solve this and must have been tired. I added the arduino-extras from avr-developers which should support the atmega88; the dropdown list doesn´t specify P nor V. I am using an atmega88*V*, and the error message is:

avrdude: AVR Part " atmega88*P*" not found. Doesn´t find it in my HARDWARE or avr-developer´s SOFTWARE?