Boost converter and high power led

maybe someone could help me :slight_smile:
I have a 32V high power led which I want to power by a 12V battery. If I am correct, i could use a boost converter, but my problem is that I want to control the brightness with an arduino. So I need to control the boost converter in order to control the voltage and also I could measure the current and adjust the voltage if the led consumes to much current and runs hot. But I can't find any boost converter that is controllable via Arduino. Most boost converter are only adjustable with a potentiometer...
Does anyone has a idea how to solve this problem?

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aurdino will do control by whot ?
not potentiometer ?

If your unknown LED will work with pulsed power, use a MOSFET driven on-off by your Arduino to vary the time the LED is lit. It will appear to be dimming to the human eye.

High-power LEDs normally use a constant current power supply/driver (or "controlled current" for dimming). This kind of power supply/driver is not an easy thing to build yourself...

Or regular little LEDs use a series resistor to control current.

LEDs are highly non-linear (like all diodes). Very small voltage changes can result in a large current change. When you control the current, the voltage "magically falls-into place".

Of course the constant-current supply also has to be capable of supplying the required voltage.

There are LED power supplies/drivers that can be PWM dimmed, but I believe the final-output is constant DC.

...The "industry standard" is 0-10V DC dimming control or 10V PWM so for these the Arduino's output has to be "boosted". (It's just a low-current control signal.)

Most (all?) high-power LEDs require a heatsink.

Note that you cannot use PWM to control a constant current driver either by switching the input or the output.

The constant current driver must be designed to control the current itself with a control signal which may be PWM.

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