boost converter

I have a 1.5 volt hydrogen cell. obviously I want to run a arduino off of it. I don't want to get 3+ of these hydrogen cells as they are costly. I am looking to get 100 mA at 5 volts from 1.5 volts. how can I do this with out buying parts online?

Something like this:

Or this:

(The second one, $5.95, outputs 5V from an input of 1 to 4V).

Now I know these are "online" but if you don't want to buy parts, you might have to say what parts you have.

Your parts bin most likely has the makings for one of these:

They are not magnificently efficient, but you might get 100mA from one. You'd have to add a diode, smoothing cap, choke, and linear regulator to the mix.

1.5V on the input is quite a low voltage. Potential parts-bin items like a 555 charge pump or leveraging the charge pump on a MAX323 are out.

Even if you are making the entire circuit yourself, I'm not sure you can avoid having to order some parts online (or through a mail-order catalogue, but I assume that the somehow shipping is a problem not ordering). This is because the circuit involves storing energy in a capacitor, inductor, or a combination of the two (which is generally the more efficient way). Depending upon what's available locally, you might be able to get suitable capacitors and/or inductors without having to order them (but then again you might not). While a boost converter can be made with discretr transistors, using a purpose-built IC allows for faster switching speeds in the circuit (which again increases efficiency).

In any case, here's a link that might help you with your design.

how can I do this with out buying parts online?

1.5v borderlines the voltage that an avr will run under, reliably. But if it does - you will need to experiment to determine this, you can start the avr with a boost dc-dc converter by itself and run off the boosted voltage.

This assumes that you aren't going to load up the avr with anything more than a few ma.

If arduinopi is amenable to ordering modules online, then I’d recommend this one from Pololu. It’s small and the input voltage can be as low as 0.7 VDC.

arduinopi: how can I do this with out buying parts online?

Buy the parts offline? Are there any electronics retails shops in your area, or any retailers in your region that provide mail order or phone ordering?